Bankundiye Alphonsine

Bankundiye Alphonsine: is a 43 years old woman/Phone 0783243446, resident of Gasabo District, Gatsata Sector,Nyamabuye Cell and Hanika Village.Has four own children and husband with more two children born from her brother ,in total they are eight people in the family. Alphonsine is a leader of ‘’Twegukire Umurimo Agaseke’’ Cooperative made up by 23 members (21 women and 2 young Girls).

Cooperative members are made up by women living with HIV and AIDS (PLHIVA), Single mothers, formers Sex workers and mainly former street vendors. Before joining the cooperative she was a street vendor looking for the survival of the family members, experiencing conflicts with husband and harassment. But after being trained on how to make and doing basket arts businesses she is comfortable at home and economically empowered. Alphonsine Joined the cooperative in 2007 and received training in the area of Hand Crafts making via the City of Kigali training, ASOFERWA’s training via Gahaya Links under innovation promotion.
By the work done, Alphonsine can earn forty thousand Rwanda Francs (40,000Rwf) per month and she desire to go beyond. Through savings together with her fellow women in the cooperative their can satisfy their basic needs in the family.

Challenges are common to the others in line with what they do in the cooperative, they share common concern of not having enough market of their products and the interference of the covid-19 outbreak; which is the source of fear for their future survival