Nyiransanzineza Belancilla

Nyiransanzineza Belancilla: is a 58 years old woman, resident of Gasabo District, Gatsata Sector, Karuruma Cell and Tetera Village. Has 6 own children, the elder was married and the youngest is 10 years old;       in total are 8 people in the family include her husband. Before joining the cooperative, Dancilla was a street vendor, and the life was very tough, she experience violence, harassment and prison when she was a street vendor ‘’Umuzunguzayi’’.In 2007 have had that the city of Kigali is recruiting women of low income to be training in hand crafts making, after the training of three months she joined the ‘’Agaseke k’ababyeyi’’ Cooperative. She is happy with the businesses of making baskets and other hand crafts together with other women; on monthly basis she can get around twenty thousand per month (20,000rRwf). She learnt a lot about savings and got involved in and this contributed to the struggle of getting the basic needs of the family.

Challenges: Belancilla shares with her fellow women the same concerns and problems at cooperative level of missing enough market and orders looking on hand crafts making which is their main source of income.