Usabyemariya Anastasie

Usabyemariya Anastasie: is a 49 years old woman, resident of Gasabo District, Gatsata Sector,

Nyamabuye Cell and Hanika Village. Has 7 children, husband and herself. Before joining the cooperative, Anastasie was a street vendor and Sorghum beer (ubushera) seller. Even though was doing such kind of business she was not in her comfort zone due to the conditions and the ways was treated in street, still totally was depending on her husband. In 2007 have joined the ‘’Twegukire Umurimo Agaseke’’ Cooperative. From there she learnt a lot about hand crafts making and savings. At the moment she is managing to satisfy the basic needs based on monthly income which is not less to ten thousand Rwanda Francs (10,000rRwf). The demand to satisfy the needs of the family is still high including the school fees payment issue.

Challenges: Anastasie shares the same concerns and problems with other women from the cooperatives and main challenge is not having enough market or orders and are looking on how to overcome obstacles brought by the covid-19 outbreak.