UWAYEZU Vestine is a 40 years old woman/Phone 0788801093, resident of Gasabo District, Gatsata

Sector, Karuruma Cell and Rwesero Village. Has 6 own children (Two Boys and 4 Girls) and husband, in total they are eight people in the family. Vestine is a leader of ‘’Agaseke k’Ababyeyi ’’ Cooperative made up by 25 members.

Before joining the cooperative, she was like a house keeper woman, not considered by her husband as one who can contribute to the welfare of the family. But since 2016 after being mobilized by her fellow women already in the cooperative she joined them and got training in hand crafts making especially about making baskets ,jewels, plate ,chars, etc. From the cooperative she learnt

about savings and how to live in harmony with her husband and complementarity manner. She earns not less than thirty five thousand Rwanda Francs (35,000 Rwf) on monthly basis. Together with her husband they manage to pay MUSA, and School fees to their children. In their future plans as a family would like to have their own house in five years to come because they are renting and looking for school fees to their children for university studies. Their little elder child is in senior 5 in secondary school.

Challenges are common to the others in line with what they do in the cooperative, they share common concern of not having enough market of their products and the interference of the covid-19 outbreak; which is the source of fear for their future survival if no positive changes and support to the situation.